FIA president facing criticism over handling of alleged sexism

Mohammed ben Sulayem, the head of Condition One’s directing body the FIA, is standing up to new investigation following an instance of assumed sexism inside his affiliation. The Watchman fathoms the cases were not treated in a serious manner in what is the latest in a movement of episodes considered incapably dealt with by Ben Sulayem which have provoked vast hopelessness with his drive in the F1 nook.

The Everyday Transmission covered Tuesday that Shaila-Ann Rao, the FIA’s past span secretary general for motorsport who avoided the relationship with regard to no place last December, had sent a letter to Ben Sulayem and to the head of the FIA senate, Carmelo Sanz de Barros, organizing events of misanthrope direct at the FIA and besides protested that the dissent was not inspected true to form.

A senior source inside the game certified the presence of the complaint. The FIA, in any case, gave a reply communicating it treated the cases in a serious manner and that it had followed systems.

“Concerning the specific charges enveloping Shaila-Ann Rao, fair treatment was followed, with a well disposed conversation drove by the head of the senate and, in that limit, no references were made to the ethics leading body of legal administrators. As of late communicated, the two players agreed she would leave what is happening in November 2022 and shared security terms were agreed as is ordinary business practice,” the attestation read.